Thursday, February 25, 2010

MAULIDUR RASUL: Muslim must move ahead in globalization.

All Muslim countries are developing countries and they will become a part of the empire of the North Atlantic countries if globalization as presently conceived goes trough. The picture is grim but it is not an exaggeration. The muslin countries are weak. None of them have any influence over world affairs. For a century now they have suffered in silence while Muslims and Muslim countries are oppressed.
The situation in Palestine is typical. Children who threw stones are being shot dead with live bullets. Many have been kill.

There is nothing that one billion Muslim in the world can do. We can send appeals to stop the carnage but all that we get is to be told to stop the children from throwing stones. No one tells the Israelis to stop shooting. It is as if the most natural thing for people to do when stones are thrown at them is to shoot the stones throwers dead. And yet these people who tolerate the killing of stone-throwing children talk endlessly about human rights, justice, and the rule of law.

I have painted the gloomiest picture of globalization, how it can oppress us, how it can make us once again the colonies of the rich. But it is not necessary that globalization will have this kind of result. Globalization can be made to work of us.
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