Thursday, February 28, 2013


A storm is brewing over the PKR in Perak, following a dispute on the candidacy for Kuala Sepetang State seat.

It is understood the Bukit Gantang division is furious over an annoucement by vice president Dr lee Boon Chye that newcomer Sandrea Ng Shy Ching would be nominated as the PKR candidate for the seat.

The problem arose because nobody in the division knows anything about Ng, who is said to be from Endau, Johor.

Dr. Lee had made the annoucement during a press conference in Kuala Sepetang on Feb 21.

A party source said that having a non-local parachuting into the state constituency went against the wishes of the division members and indication that incumbent assembly man Tai Sing Ng would be dropped from contesting in the general election.

The source said the division, at its annual general meeting last year, had unanimously agreed to have a local from the constituency or a division member to contest the state seat.

Dr Lee said the division members hope the national leaders will take note of this and take the necessary action to difuse the unnecessary tension,

Otherwise PKR will loose in PRU13.

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