Thursday, May 29, 2014

REMINDER VOTERS!! @Dyanasmd MAY BACKFIRE #PRKTelukIntan @P076TelukIntan #JomPilihMah

Dyana is example of DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang’s usual ploy of singing the underdog’s tune however the clincher will depend on PAS to sway the Malay Voters.PAS will do everything possible to achieve its Islamic aspirations, it can show that it also remains committed to democracy and to upholding the laws that we have; at the same time DAP also take the opportunity from Weakness of PAS.

In this Election, PAS can send the message to Malays that they can be successful without having to abandon their traditional values of good behaviour, moderation in their actions and mildness in their manners and PAS will do its level best to convince the leaders of PAKATAN.

DAP will use Dyana and PAS to attract Malay voters ; With cheating People to achieved their target . After this they will leave Teluk Intan such as Gelang Patah and had to say that "MP Missing"

Winning or losing is in the hands of Teluk Intan voters. They have to think and cast their votes wisely in the best interest of Malaysia. Please vote BN for our young generation and future.

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