Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Major festivals and celebrations having come and gone in Malaysia,Perak folk have returned to their normal pace of life.

Although days may seem ordinary at large, excitement over the 13th general election is building up.

Suddenly,the election have become a popular conversation starter and topic of discussion,be it at the dining table or workplace.

Cleck C. Kavitha from Gopeng, said she was looking forward to upcoming elections as its outcome would determine the country's future.

"Everyone has been talking about the elections for over a year now and so, it will be good when the time finally arrives for us to cast our votes.

"To me,the current Goverment has done much to help the rakyat. For example, the distribution of the 1Malaysia people's Aid (BR1M) which was unheard of before this," she said.

Kavitha said both she and her father were recipients of the cash aid.

" Not everyone is well off and like us, many people are using the money to pay their loans or to buy medication.

"It is my hope that whatever the outcome of the elections, the rakyat will still continue to benefit from the distribution of the cash aid each year like what BN do now," She said.

Poultry seller Choong Chun Yee, 51, is also looking forward to the elections.

"Im excited to see the new candidate who will be fielded by both sides.

"Hopefully, these new candidates will be able to come up with fresh ideas to help generate more economic development for the country.

As such, it is good to have the election soon and with it over and done with, our country will be able to focus on moving forward."
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